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Bubacarr Sanneh donates AC Horsens jerseys to Real de Banjul

                                                                                                                                                       11th September 2015

William Abraham and Bubacarr SannehAC Horsens defender Bubacarr Sanneh has donated a full set of his current club jerseys to Real de Banjul.

Buba found out time out of his busy schedule to personally present the jerseys to President William Abraham in a ceremony held at the Club’s office.

The 20-year-old, who concluded a five-year spell with the City Boys earlier this year, is currently signed on a three-year contract with the Den Gule Fare.

He told www.realdebanjul.gm: “This is the least I can do for my team. It is a club that gave me the chance to become a professional and I can only do this to show my appreciation to them.”

“My team [AC Horsens], were also helpful in this and I’d like to thank them a lot. I am Real de Banjul and would always be for life, so I would also like to wish the team the best of luck for the coming season.”

Real club president William Abraham meanwhile expressed joy in the kits presentation from Buba and commended him for his great efforts.

“We are happy as a club that one of our former players thought of us and decided to donate his club’s jerseys to us. Horsens is a club that we are currently working with and are a very good team with a great manager in Bo Henriksen, so receiving this from their player is a joy for us.”

Also donating materials to the club was midfielder Bubacarr ‘Steve’ Trawally, currently of Yanbian Changbaishan.

The China-based player donated balls to the club ahead of the new season.

Everyone at Real de Banjul will like to thank both Sanneh and Trawally for their wonderful gesture and wish them luck in their respective careers and teams.